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Professors and teaching assistants are important resources, but their guidance can only take you so far. If you’re a college student, grad student, or aspiring student, you may benefit from individualized tutoring with an experienced educator. Britney offers tutoring services in the following areas:

Writing & Rhetoric

You want your writing to be well-structured, concise, persuasive, and free of errors. I can take you through the process of building an argument, organizing your thoughts, polishing your prose, and conforming to the format style of your field.


You’ve said what you have to say, and now you want to make it shine. I’ll take a fine-toothed comb to your writing, checking for correct spelling and grammar, appropriate punctuation, word choice, formatting, and any other details you may have missed.

Humanities and Social Science Concepts

From Althusser to Zizek, I can help you master theoretical concepts across the liberal arts. I have experience working in anthropology, sociology, communication, rhetoric, religious studies, media studies, and other disciplines in the humanities and social sciences.

Qualitative Research Methods

Unlike quantitative methods, qualitative data collection and analysis is as much art as science. Learn how to select the right method, get institutional approval, develop interview questions and surveys, and turn your data into interesting results.

Study Strategies

How do you take notes? Organize course materials and assignments? Find peer-reviewed journal articles? Create a bibliography? Skim dense reading materials for key points? Inquiry skills are useful to everyone, from college freshmen to doctoral students in the throes of dissertation.