Storytelling is an art. Audio production is a science. Together, they can elevate your writing to a new level. Digital audio media, from podcasts to audiobooks, are a rapidly growing market. With professional equipment and software, Britney can produce audio versions of your work that expand your portfolio and introduce your content to new audiences. You can listen to samples of her narration below.


Excerpt from Gibran’s The Prophet. A dramatic reading with warmth, depth, and pacing.
Excerpt from Le Guin’s The Dispossessed. Engaging omniscient narrative perspective.
An excerpt from On Rhetoric demonstrating an authoritative, informative narration style.


“Britney did a fantastic job at producing the audiobook for my novel The Road to Canada. She was great with responding to constructive feedback, and she made sure that I was completely happy with the end result. I would thoroughly recommend working with Britney if you have the chance!”

-Kate Christie, author of The Girls of Summer series

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